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There are times in all our lives when we feel unable to cope. Sometimes the causes of these problems seem fairly clear and we know where to turn for assistance. At other times our problems are difficult to understand and we can find no answer from our own resources or contacts.

Talking to a therapist, who is impartial and skilled, can help us work through our personal difficulties and find solutions.

Without giving mere advice, they will seek to enable us to find our own answers, so that we can begin to be more constructive in the ways that we manage our feelings and behaviour and can take more control of our lives. It can be a great relief and a source of strength to share our difficulties, in confidence, with a trained and skilled counsellor.

It is important to find a Counsellor / Psychotherapist you feel comfortable with. Each one of us is unique; this applies as much to the Counsellor / Psychotherapist as to the client. Not all psychotherapists suit all people - if there isn't a good enough working relationship between you it is important to feel able to end it and find someone else.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change". Carl Rogers

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